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    1099 vs. W2 Employee: Which Is Better for Your Business?

    One of the toughest jobs is working as the hiring manager of a potential company. It’s on you to control the preliminary budget of the company and prevent any extra costs outside. They have to make sure of the timely salary of the employers, the time of the contract, extra payments being made, and other amenities.

    Moreover, they have to choose between the 1099er and the W2 employees. Which contract will benefit the company and who will complete the project faster are all unanswered questions answerable by the employer alone.

    How do 1099s and W-2s play into this?

    The hiring manager can determine the potentiality of 1099 and W2 employers. The latter pays their taxes from the salary but the 1099er employees don’t. They are independent of the contract taxes and pay from their own pockets. That’s why the manager can decide how long the contractors can work or the independence they get while working on a project.

    Benefits of employees over contractors

    The employees and the independent contractors have their own benefits. most of them are mentioned below,

    • Greater control

    Since the managers agree upon paying their taxes, the employees provide greater control and time on a project. They do cost more but the independence regarding time invested is more than contractors.

    • Company loyalty

    The employees are given financial security that’s why they come with more loyalty and patience for the project. The employers can have significant trust in them since the trust and competence is more among them.

    • Expertise

    Employers have more expertise on a subject than independent workers. The 1099er are contractors who established their business with experience. But the expertise of the independent workers provides them with a sufficient grasp of the project most of the time.

    Managing your workers with Square Payroll

    The square payroll helps the employer pay the cash without having to manage everything separately for the taxpayers and non-taxpayers. It comes with fully integrated timecards, workers’ comp, sick leave, and PTO for your employees. The employer doesn’t have to do any extra calculations for either of the paychecks. Simplified operations, square payroll saves time.

    A Final Verdict

    The employees are of two main types which include taxpayer and non-taxpayers through the company. The taxpayers, employees, can become permanent members of the company while the latter only work until the end of the project.

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