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    A Pain free process of choosing your own career path

    If I can choose different careers at once, will I make it till the end?

    Well, that’s the most asked question while choosing a career. You want to go with every career that sets you ahead. For instance, if you are a writer, you want to start search engine optimization too alongside digital marketing. But what if you start withdrawing all your enthusiasm and passion for writing? What if your insufficient knowledge about marketing doesn’t qualify you for that job?

    That’s when you need to find focus. You can only choose a career that interests you the most. Don’t choose a career that you are doing for passing time or just because it pays well. If your interest is in marketing and you are a fashion enthusiast, try fashion marketing and watch your career boost.


    Guide: How to Choose a Career

    Before you decide which career is the best for you, try reading the guide below to help you get a head start on which one is the best.

    • Perform a self-assessment

    Assess your skills. Which ones interest you? Where do you feel most comfortable? How career-oriented you are? You can write down all the aspects of your interest including the field, soft and technical skills, key values, natural aptitudes, and personality traits.

    • Identify your must-haves

    This part answers what are the things that you cannot compromise on. It can be the work environment or the health coverage that comes as an incentive for the company. It can also be a certain salary amount that cannot be compromised because you have to pay bills and live on a budget.

    You can circle out all the jobs that you find yourself interested in. You can search them on job portals, newspapers, and from friend’s referrals. Look at the requirements of the job and upgrade your resume according to that. You can search for the job through the values you prefer in a friendly environment for the office.

    Almost all the managers and employees working in that industry will have LinkedIn profiles. What you can do is to make sure you reach out to them professionally. Some of the employers keep updating their profiles with the DOs and DONTs while applying for a job. Look for that and figure out what mistakes to avoid during the interview.


    A Final Verdict

    That’s it for the pain-free process of choosing your own career path. Finding a job that interests you as much as you want to boost in that field is a hard thing to do.

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