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    Is your staff as happy working in your office environment as you hope they are?

    It is pivotal to keep an eye out for your employees. As the boss, you put them in a phase to work and be responsible for their mental health check. You can articulate the prolific personality of an employee, but that doesn’t mean ignoring the others.

    Workaholism is not only an accepted term but also an expected one in the work culture. Overlooking the negative yet insistent behaviors of the employees just because there have been success coming from them affects the work environment where nobody is comfortable working.

    That is how divisiveness overtakes the vibrant work culture. Keep an eye out for this type of office environment where almost no one is pleased. It means they are putting up the job for money instead of consciousness, which is very important for long-term success.

    Answer these questions, and if most of them are positive, it’s a yes.

    As the boss, you should keep a monthly or bi-weekly meeting where the employees are asked how. Starting with these questions, you can add more. Once you are done with the survey, understand their problems. Always take their concerns as inevitable and become the problem-solver, instead of the good-listener-who-doesn’t-show-action boss.

    • Are the employees getting along with each other very well?

    Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. A good work environment includes all the employees working together on a project. If one employee is doing most of the work and getting paid equally as those who aren’t, this work ethic needs attention. If they cannot speak in the meeting, ask them to tell you privately, and you are always open to suggestions and improvements in the office.

    • Are there any employees who are working multiple jobs?

    Almost 45% of employees are doing multiple jobs to make their ends meet. If you are an understanding boss, you will probably ask them to stop putting too much pressure on themselves and increase their pay. If you own a low-paying firm, what you can do is give the best employee amount each month.

    • Is the employee’s well-being a struggle or suffering?

    Some employees consider their struggles as the well-being which keeps them sane. Remove this norm from your office. As the opportunist, you can take this chance and ask about their struggles and suffering professionally. It will help build a trusting relationship where employees can tell their boss about office politics without worrying.

    A Final Verdict

    Last but the least, always remember a propelling initiative to withstand the employee’s demands is never a bad idea. If you are ready to take your chances with them, so are they.

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