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    The power of media while hunting for the perfect candidate for a position

    Finding the right candidate, checking their online and offline visibility, all comes down to the HR managers. A lot of managers are juggling between the candidates who have the perfect social media skills and the ones who are more practical in reality than on social media.

    What matters more is their sense and approach to balance their online and offline life. There is no perfect candidate but the one who has been updating their LinkedIn profile, letting people know about their professional life and experiences.


    The benefits of social media recruiting

    When you recruit through social media, there are a lot of factors that you can avoid. Some of them include,

    • Reach the elusive passive candidate

    Some candidates aren’t looking for jobs but if handled one with potential in the future, they might consider those opportunities. These elusive passive candidates have the passion and update their clientele through social media, especially LinkedIn

    • See talent and passion firsthand

    There’s talent in reality and then on the internet. Some candidates are camera-shy which you will know while interviewing them. Others, however, consider social media their home and are proactively unafraid to showcase their talent. That’s how you will see talent and passion firsthand.         

    • Get resumes details without a resume

    Some of the candidates upload their complete education and work history on social media profiles. You might not see them on their CVs so you are getting resume details without a resume. Pretty much what each HR manager wants.

    • Find a great culture fit

    You will find someone who is into environmental savings through the no-use plastic rule which your office promotes. These are the soft skills which not everyone writes on their CVs. Social media is a great way of finding someone like that.

    • Filter out inadequate candidates

    Save time on the inadequate candidates. You will know about them, how they work, where their interests lie. If it’s not in the role/position you are offering, cut them off the preliminary list.


    A Final Verdict

    Hiring amidst this ongoing pandemic crisis is getting pretty tough on the HR managers. Everybody wants to get a job but talent and passion get hired. You will know all about them through social media, their activeness and their activities, ensuring they are the perfect candidate for a position.

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