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    What to Do When Your Heart Isn’t in Your Work Anymore

    You used to love going to the office. Now suddenly you have lost all the passion you had in the beginning. You drag yourself to the office and sitting there is like sitting on the verge of a mental breakdown.

    Your mind is getting depressed and your lacking motivation is continuously telling you to give up. But you are still finding reasons to bring back all the confidence on the first day of your job. It’s possible.


    • Engage in self-reflection

    Pinpoint the painful reasons why you might feel disconnected from work. It can be the new boss with whom you don’t get along or a project you put too much of yourself and didn’t qualify. Sometimes it is de-motivation or lack of self-esteem. Pinpoint your accomplishments in the institute and don’t degrade yourself about what the office is lacking with you.

    • Practice gratitude

    Practicing gratitude is easier said than done. Count your blessings. It can be a friendly environment, good colleagues, potential projects, and most importantly, an environment that upgrades your growth mindset. You can ask your friends who work in other offices about the cons of working. This will integrate your potential upbringing and make you happy for choosing such a nice environment.

    • Talk to the boss

    Talking to your boss might upgrade your enthusiasm. You can tell them the reason for feeling low. This can prove to be positive since good employers don’t want to lose good employees. If you feel stagnant, they will probably give you new tasks to work on and in no time, you will your lost enthusiasm coming back. Moreover, you can also prove to the boss that you are committed and passionate about helping the institute grow.

    • Make friends

    You have had the opportunity of working in an environment that helps you grow. But you need to increase your social circle also. What you need is a bunch of friends. Maybe one or two might be enough. It can be a lunch buddy with whom you can share all your work woes. Simply someone who would listen to you just like you would listen to them.

    • Find a passion project

    Talk to your boss and tell them you are looking for a passion project to reinitiate your mindset into and get going. You need to feel that motivation again and this is the only way to do so.


    A Final Verdict

    The list can go on but first, you need to find the reasons for feeling down. Putting your heart into getting the job and now losing that same heart for the same job isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Find the blessings about working in that environment and you will feel your heart in it again.

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