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Many people have the misconception that job aggregators and job boards are the same. But the reality is far different. Acting much like a search engine, it compiles together job opportunities, corporate vacancies, and other HR offerings from various platforms including job boards, and displays them on one comprehensive search page. Using advanced technology-driven features and tools provides quick and effective consolidated search results for your job-relevant keywords or niches.
Job boards are online platforms that allow users to post jobs and employer offerings directly on the website. When candidates use these boards, they will only be given access to the job opportunities posted on this specific job board. On the other hand, Job Aggregators gather relevant and up-to-date job listings from a variety of job boards on the internet and display the results on one platform. By accessing this aggregate website, the candidates are given access to the job opportunities available on a large number of other websites and job boards.
Built for Jobs is a unique and innovative job aggregator platform committed to serving individuals find the largest job opportunities needed to fuel their career growth and future success. It also caters to the needs of employers and HR departments by providing them a comprehensive platform and technology-driven tool to reach out to a large number of candidates.
It is the number one source of the most reliable and authentic job opening information. Using advanced technologies and innovative search engine capabilities, we help you search for your favorite job without making too much effort. Having served thousands of users every day, Built For Jobs is suitable for all types of job seekers including fresh graduates as well as professionally experienced experts.
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